Anyone interested in obtaining the “0X7FFFF” download from me, just respond and we’ll figure out a way. What I have noticed but not necesarily due to this new version is that the PPC Bluetooth connection is not always reliable. The right identification of an item is critical. Bogdan’s firmware dump of BT version 3. If there is a letter or letters after the Prod1.

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Technical Specification

Firmware versions of SiRF based receivers Printed from: That is the easiest way. What does Hyperterminal receive if you try to run that? Also mind that baud is the native speed of the interface, so this may help?

But it’sand there are newer standards. Gp tried using it with my laptop with sirfdemo 3. In SiRF mode everything is ok.

When you send the command, this just stops? It is not critical in a PDA phone but it is still a fault. Product information Product Dimensions 2. Usually the firmware is given among with SiRFFlash utility, which can also dump the existing data.

: GlobalSat BUS4 USB GPS Receiver (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

All sales are final. I suspect that you can do anything you like – but should be careful with flashing to the device: I’m still looking into this. I still wonder that the advantage of BT 3. Did you ask the guy who has found the Holux HW-Bootmode for assistance?

I work in the aerospace industry and if a quality assessment performed by the Agency finds this problem in an airworthy GPS, the product would be grounded and an investigation would be initiated. The device has a supercapacitor to power the internal volatile memory which contains the configuration changes but this will discharge over time. I don’t have it hand currently though.

Just received a new BT test unit with 3.

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I will also work up a guide for dumping and flashing the Nu Reply author: It is definety a failure. Did a test first just to be sure, and dumped the firmware from the tps twice then compared the files with hexeditor, just to see if there is any transmission corruption issues from this weird setup of mine.

I’ve asked Cricel in France for info on the 3. After reading the forum, TWO dumps are included – 0xx and 0xx7ffff.

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Ideal for field data collection Load maps directly onto expansion memory cards for extra storage capacity New: I could make it available If someone tells me how to dump it Reply author: I remember that it was possible to upgrade my Fortuna Clip-On via Bluetooth.

Previous versions of the Holux firmware have operated the serial cable interface always at baud.

This is the only way I managed to flash my device. The dump process is relatively simple.

I have a Mio P I know this device complies with the standards it claims to support. Is there any B-firmware around which reports lower speeds in RMC sentence?

Here’s a little insight into SiRF version numbers: Thanks a ton Tobbbie. Click an analysed process below to view more details.