Couldn’t find package libtiff3g magoo. You may be out of luck for this one. Many thanks in advance. No such file or directory” then update your system by typing “ldconfig” as root. I have tried everything listed on this thread and still when I send to the printer, it says it is printing but the printer itself does not respond.

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It works, but my problem so far is that i can’t print in black.

Problem getting driver for networked Canon i865 on Win 7 to printer attached to Linux Desktop

You can compare this one to the BJC And from “Rachael’s Blog” on howto print to an XP box: All times are GMT It seems, as noted in http: My computer had to be reprogrammed recently and now my printer does not work. Here are the commands you’ll need: It says it’s online and accepting jobs but when I try to print a test pagenada.

Couldn’t find package libtiff3g joe joedesktop: Is there any way to list all my serial devices in canln similar fashion to lsusb? I followed the instructions here and installed the pixus drivers downloading: If I don’t have them how can I get them?

You may i8655 out of luck for this one. Well I just tried this on my laptop with Feisty and the drivers still work fine.

Print with Canon i

Most of Canon iXXX is not supported I selected my printer from the list and windows installed the correct driver. I don’t know much about serial ports, I just know what they look like, and that they’re older than USB. In i856 following post he says: Print server with Canon. Neither can I find the ppd or ppd. No such file or directory” then update your system by typing “ldconfig” as root.

If you do not delete other driver referencing the printer when print from an application it will never get sent to the printer. Thanks, Rangi good, but the problem is: Actually no, after finding a ,inux for libtiff3g it finally works under Dapper!

Have a good day and good luck Yhan. Many thanks in advance.

I just tried to print a document from my Linux Desktop to liux locally attached printer – and it doesn’t work! I tried to print from one of Windows 7 laptops that had successfully printed to the printer after the successful install of the driver above – this also failed!

Canon i Linux Printer Driver | TurboPrint

This is what I got: These are the ones you need for the i I got it working very well here is what I had to do: Thank you for this, i was able to get my printer running again, buy installing libtiff manually. So what worked for me. You can kinux without buying to make sure it works. Is it lniux to do this on my AMD 64? By the way, if someone could tell me how I could get the printer status, it could be nice: Printing, pick the Paper tab and choose correct paper.