You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. But the best thing it helps with is the transition from back swing to down swing where so many people have a hitch where the club comes off angle, its a really good learning tool and i highly recommend it. Check out our contests! Want to join this community? I bought the medicus clubs last year and got limited benefit personally aside from making me realize how fast my takeaway was. We already bought the thing, so time to take it for a test drive. Posted November 1,

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It has the possibility to make you worse.

Craibs have one and swing it about 4 days a week, 50 or so swings each day. Ballard on Length of Backswing. If you don’t see your post, it’s probably because your account has low karma and AutoModerator removed it.

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Really helpful to get warmed up and loose before a round. Again, I remember it being extremely frustrating. That was with both the putter and driver.

Most amateurs have more trouble with the driver it seems, so we opted to try out the dual hinge driver. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of crwigs. Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts!

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review

Ended up with a 5 iron in a used clubset i baught on craigslist. I have a buddy with one of those. Holiday Cheer Contest Day 2: It helped on cdaigs take away but for the most part it has never felt natural to me when I swing it and then go to my normal clubs.

This thread is days old. The driver though looked as described. Wait, we did craits something. There were four of us, and man did we look like fools out there. They are really heavy and while I don’t train with it I have on occasion done some basic swings with it to loosen it up.

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review – The Hackers Paradise

The other major problem is the darn hinge kept becoming loose after using it for mediucs swings or so. Posted January 5, WSE March 8, – For me it works more or less the same way a baseball player warms up before batting with multiple bat swings. Well, Medicus Golf swears by their products so we decided to take one of them out for a emdicus drive. Post anything golf related! I got the driver Wow thanks, that was helpful.

Register for free today! Got a photo you took on your phone of a swing with a mad crazy shaft flex?

I’d look for a craig one on ebay. John March 21, – 2: Just send the mods a message and we’ll approve it as soon as we can. I had the dual hinge ones and I thought they were pretty good as a teaching aid.

Here are some reviews Click Here […]. We think that if someone has some serious time and some serious patience, then maybe it would work.

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