When loading transparencies, make sure that the paper for the separators or for distribution is loaded at the same orientation as that of the transparencies. Action Follow the instructions displayed to remove the jammed paper. ApeosPort You can select from 6 positions for the date. Maintenance 11 System Settings Relay Broadcast Report Select whether or not to automatically print a relay broadcast report, and a location where the report is printed at. Page – Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the

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The features and services that can be managed on the machine are as follows. Output Size You can select from 7 paper sizes.

You can allocate features to the Custom 1 and 3 buttons with the same procedure. If the document size is larger than any possible paper sizes, select the largest paper. Cleaning the Machine Cleaning the Machine The following describes how to clean the machine.

Fx Apeosport 450 I Ps B Driver Download

Features Restricted By Authentication Overview of Authentication Network authentication Network authentication uses the user information from a remote accounting service to manage authentication. Set the value from 1 to seconds in 1 second increments. Auto Set The file name is “img-xxx” where xxx is the date and time.

The machine is ready for operation within 35 seconds after the power is turned on. The available job flow sheet operations are different between the job flow sheets created on the [Mailbox] screen under [Setup Menu] or the [Check Mailbox] screen and those created on the [Job Flow Sheets] screen under [Setup Menu]. The Appeosport mode is available.

CG Times Italic Stick the apeospkrt pin into the old stamp cartridge, and pull it straight out of the machine. Private Mailbox Store documents to be sent, in response to instructions received from remote machines, in a mailbox of the machine.

Safety Notes Read these safety notes carefully before using this product to make sure you operate the equipment safely.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers 3.1 for Mac OS X

Select the [Completed Jobs] tab. Mixed Size Originals scanning Different Size Documents Simultaneously 4 Fax Mixed Size Originals Scanning Different Size Documents Simultaneously When using the document feeder, you can simultaneously send different size documents with the sizes matching the respective sizes of the documents. If you need additional information about ozone, please request the Fuji Xerox publication Ozone from your Service Provider. Left Page Only Scans the left page only in page order.

Notes and Restrictions iFax Profiles When specifying an iFax profile The iFax profile that can be processed varies depending on the machine that the recipient uses. E-mail Scans a document and sends the scanned data 4500 an e-mail attachment.

This section describes how to set the [Check Mailbox] screen as the initial screen, for example. Placing a Call The following describes how to place a call using the external telephone. Machine Status Machine Status On the [Machine Status] screen, you can check the machine configuration and the paper tray status. Server – Port Number Set the remote authentication server port number in the range 1 to Types of Mailboxes The following three types of mailboxes can be used with the machine. Up to characters are allowed.

Comment The registered comments are displayed. Auto Start This sets auto start of the job flow for documents stored in the mailbox. Return the exit cover 5 pps the original position.

This section describes how to enter such text. Trouble during Copying The copy is misaligned or Cause The document is not loaded correctly.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

For information on enabling the Auditron Administration feature for each service, refer to “Auditron Mode” Auto Size Detect Scan sizes are detected automatically.

This setting automatically identifies text and photo areas to scan each area with optimum quality. Action Check the application or print driver settings.