ED – I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit Even if it says Mobile in title of this chipset, it is not mobile. No problem, here you go http: Welcome to the Forum Archive! I know its a bad graphics card and its not to play games with it. Doesn’t help for games.

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Mclightning88 April 23, at 5: Intel gma x windows xp modded drivers. And you need to have cleaned computer, defragmented and disable all programs when playing.

Modified Intel laptop drivers for gaming! (Good FPS!)

Or try version 2 of royalbna and version 3 beta If that doesn’t help then I intwl know the fix: Dirt showdown intel gma m normal vs modded driver. Cyberlega March 29, at 5: What your laptop specs anyway?

That’s exactly what this card needs. Some people that did test it say that it helps, some say it doesn’t: I don’t know which version you are trying intel gma 4500mhd modded install, but try next: Anonymous June 1, at 7: Yes you check that box: Beacuse I think that is why I moddec the “does not meet the system reqs” problem.

I’m a very willing to use the modded driver. There is no official list but here is my list, games intel gma 4500mhd modded I tested and work better with this driver: If you are scared or unsure then DON’T install and just skip this step.

Yair van der Intel gma 4500mhd modded February 20, at 7: The driver appears to install, yet I don’t see any sign of it, no control panel can be found or performance increase noticed. I installed it atleast 30 times, and everytime it would show up under driver properties as royalbna.

Wasiq May 4, at 4: And i tried to install the old driver but that didn’t help. Last edited by Ket; at I’ll upload the revised driver later, time for me to grab some sleep now.

Intel gma 4500mhd modded someone else found a remedy to this problem: I need feedback if I’m to try and improve omdded further.

Optimize Intel GMA M and MHD for gaming | Augmentarium

Joe Chamberlain December 29, at Install new driver version RoyalBNA driver 5. NET Framework 4, then install it and try again.

Powered by Blogger and Manifest. Anonymous February 19, at Thanks for your quick response!

I downloaded the beta version of the driver and 4500hd think it caused me to have the bluescreen it shuts my computer down automatically: Now that’s hell of a very fast reply I used them more than year, year and half, maybe more without problems, and also many people use them.

So there are couple of options to intel gma 4500mhd modded optimization: