Testimonials Krank Golf Website. I have had the Element for a little over a month. Unfortunatly another week has passed without conformation of when my element driver will be sent, despite my getting an advertising email stating that the preorders are shipping! TF 5 years ago. I live here in Chandler, Az. Of to our local pro this morning to see WTF is going on. I cannot get satisfaction and would advise anyone considering dealing with Krank to think carefully before handing over your dollars.

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Both drivers are specifically engineered to reduce spin, increase speed, provide stability and ultimately hit farther than any other golf driver on the planet. It also states weights included on the sale invoice that they sent me. Yohanan 6 years ago.

Ryan F 6 years ago. All they ever say is 2 more weeks.

The Club Report – Krank Rage Driver

It is dage talk of the Manawatu golf club at the moment. I also recommend it with proV1s or taylormade rocketballz. All the major golf companys have a lot of cathing up to do. I am 42 yrs old, swing speedbought a Krank Rage Black Driver. Todd 6 years ago.

Rage Black or White

Dec 18, 40 Comments. I switched from a Taylormade R9 Superdeep to this Krank Rage because I kept reading the reviews of how this club was so long. If you truely want more blac and forgiveness for the not so perfect hits thenthis my friend is the driver for you. Click on the link below to purchase and read more about this Revolutionary Krank Golf Driver.

Ryan Hill 5 years ago. I had never heard of Krank until I became photographer for the UK LD indoor championships where a lot of the competitors had one. A note on weight kits.

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Looks better than the Rage, Would like to test bolf, but do not want to toss into an unknown pot. Review of the Element I received the Element last week and yesterday was the first time that I took it to the range.

Click on this link. Excalibur by Robin Arthur is also a great priced quality shaft. Our shafts will meet the needs of any golfer and shaft lengths come in a wide variety of sizes to meet your specific requirements. If you want to blaco the ball as far as nature will allow you to in an open field, Krank makes all the sense in the world.

In particular, they make some excellent drivers. I had to try several shafts to find one that would work best for my swing. It has been on tour for years and still used.

Check Out The New Krank Golf Rage Black & Rage White Driver / Private Customers

When I did call them they were great to deal with and very helpful. In the 3 dimensional, color-saturated world in which we live, the Rage is quite distinct. Norm Roll 6 years ago.

The upside… yards into the woods is still yards. Randall 6 years ago. From right handed golfer, male, cm, 82 kg, 80 — 95 Mph, Nancy Lopez tempo, full blac grip I grip the club in line with head position when rest freely on my shoulder, so its equal to 4 knuckles grip on address Bought Krank Rage Hopefully it all goes as we plan these next couple weeks.

It is amazing the roll out with this thing. Chris W 5 years ago.