As that page says, FT support is built into 2. Dmesg doesn’t say a heck of a lot, but syslog is informative. At this point this is a simple program that only reads registers when they are selected and no writing is supported. If the register has bit fields defined for it, then it may also be expanded to show the values of the fields. It should work fine.

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Luminary eval boards, USB serial, and Linux

On Sep 16, 5: How are you trying to access the serial port? Source is available via CVS. In addition to these packages which form a scripting base, two application programs are available.

The first release of the debugging tools contain enough to write simple tool applications. Oh yes and britty is not installed What does dmesg say?

But the laptop running Ubuntu 8. Probably there is a driver. I got the impression that the driver in the 2.

The dbgreg package also depends on TclRAL to store its internal database that maps symbolic lumknary names to physical addresses and you will need to obtain that if you wish to use this package. To obtain a complete distribution, make sure ftfi download and install the latest version 8.

The result is this causes issues under Linux. Note that is its possible to browse the registers without halting the core and when program first connects to a target it does not automatically halt the core.

Note that parallel ports are becoming much less common, so if you have the choice you should probably avoid these adapters in favor of USB-based ones. I am a member of both plugdev and dialup which ls -l says is the device’s group.

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Download and install FTDI Luminary Micro BD-ICDI In-Circuit Debug Interface Board Channel A driver

I have spent many hours trying to get everything to work at this point. The first application is called lm3sFlasher and is a program that will burn an ELF executable file into the flash memory of an LM3S chip. You might talk directly with them for your needs: The time now is Reply Start a New Thread. This rules file lets me ftdj the JTAG.

Release notes for IAR C-SPY Luminary FTDI JTAG driver for ARM

It shows up on lsusb as On Sep 16, 4: Everything works properly in Win 7 for what it is worth, so I know all of the hardware is fine. Yes, the driver code is there, but you have to enable it in building lumnary kernels or modules. Issue is in 2. Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva.

Any Linux groups where the folks may a have useful information and b won’t treat me like a Londoner in Paris? The dbgreg package needs some additional work to define all the registers for LM3S peripherals. The ftd2chan package is a Tcl channel driver and is thus written in “C” and is delivered in compiled form for x86 Linux.

Create free account Forgot password? The Rat Shack cable comes up as a Prolific PL, and appears per syslog to be referenced by a driver pl Results 1 to 4 of 4.