The old units also had a limit of track points, after that each time another point is added, one is dropped from the other end. It will go back to the store tomorrow for a full refund! Brian – February 8th, Wow… the maps discoveraus for me as im in australia are expensive! Tim – February 18th,

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I put it back in its box after 2 months of trying. Capable of storing way-points, 2, track-log points, 20 routes, and 5 tracks, this Magellan GPS receiver makes finding destinations on its illuminated, 2. Flint – August 3rd, Thanks in advance for 5000 suggestions James – December 13th, Worst customer service ever.

Any suggestions about the contour lines? While it can never completely replace a dedicated auto GPS, it does work quite well for this.

Magellan Explorist ™ FAQ: Cabling

So maybe I sould get the DirectRoute software to take mqgellan advantage of the unit. Roy – July 28th, where in the manual does it tell you to flip the cable over to be on file transfer mode? Luke – June 29th, Bought on closeout sale.

A lot of major routes are missing, though I concede that it seems to know the interstates and U. Again, unless you get the Explorist for free or really cheap — I would not buy. Larry – May 11th, Does the unit come with Already Downloaded maps? Tracy – June 7th, The LE booted up faster was more accurate on position distance and more street maps and street names than the garmin.

You have to register the unit first.

Magellan eXplorist 500 LE Handheld

Cliff – February 3rd, Note all batteries lose their capacity over a few years, and eventually need to be replaced. Once they get you on the purchase of the unit, they murder you on upgrades and replacement components.

I bought a LE and spent about a month finding maps.

Thanks Nancy – December 9th, I just purchased the LE and have been very impressed. If you already have the LE xeplorist are purchasing it for handheld use then those maps would be the correct product.

Brother has a If I use the LE for hiking, can I just put it in my 050 or backpack and have it log the route? They will not long be in business if they continue to treat their customers this way. The Explorist is not user friendly.

Kayakers and fishermen are offered tools to view hunting and fishing times as well as a sun and moon calculator. This item doesn’t belong on this page. If it is in a jacket pocket it should keep a fairly good lock. Tim – January 4th, The only complaint I currently have is that they no longer support the map.

Magellan eXplorist /

The light really sucks up the juice. You can have them at no charge if you want them. Tried to understand its operation but could not. The process might be easier if you have facility with computers.