Certain users found issues with the sensitivity of the device’s joystick, which on certain devices was prone to powering up the PDA inside pockets, bags, and other containers, thus draining the batteries. If you can get it cheap enough, and in good enough condition, this PDA is perfect for using around the house or office to store contac ts, and schedules, the Palm interface is quick and easy to use, and has very easy to learn handwriting recognition for people who have difficulty typing on cramped keypads or touch screens. It even had a joystick-esque nub on the bottom for all that gaming I was going to do. That something was the Palm Zire I used to like to take pictures of my co-workers on the sly. It’s my first Palm; I’d had only Handspring before that, and was wary when they went under.

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I have been carrying my Zire ever since, along with my iPhone. Palm software is very different from what you see on iPhones and Android phones.

It’s a little uglier than later versions, but just as easy to use. Teal Point still sells Palm software. However, Palm’s new core software sucks a little in their upgrades of Datebook and Grafiti.

I started to read comments by folks talking about how much they missed their Palms. The Zire 72 Special Edition zird an all-silver model.

Zire Handheld

The camera is a little undersized, zlre resolution, but works well and has good color reproductions. AgenduspeditLife BalanceMemoleafand others are still useful and impressive.

Palm T X And there are abandonware archives. To counter the slow file transfer rate for uploading songs to the device, Palm offered an MP3 playback kit that zre a memory card writer. Trending Price New.

HP Classic Handheld It supports up to a 2 GB SD card. Wireless capabilities could also be added through the use of a folding portfolio, such as the Enfora Wireless LAN Portfolio. See details for description of any imperfections. Zirr had trouble choosing between ratings of average and good – I wish there was something in between. I needed a PDA that would allow me to schedule my life with handy reminders!

Then something made xire decide to get the Zire running again.

I like how you slide the back down to get the camera going. I know it sounds silly, but one of the best I received was a really nice telescoping umbrella.

An oldie but goodie I had trouble choosing between ratings of pqlm and good – I wish there was something in between. Show More Show Less.

Palm Zire 71 Series Specs – CNET

Smartphones are small enough these days that carrying two devices is not a big deal. Some users reported problems with the camera: If you do not, you will lose all information on the PDA, including any software other than what comes with the OS that you’ve installed and you’ll have to start all over again.

The recommended utilities for the Palm Zire 71 and all other Palm-branded PDA users as well addressing the in-pocket power-up problem are.

Reviewers were impressed by the excellent quality of its LCD and the comparatively good quality of its camera relative to similar generation VGA digital cameras. I went analog as a result and put away my Zire. The Zire 71 wound up buried at the bottom of my school bag within the first week of classes my freshman year of college. Alternatively, one could simply lessen the frequency of this occurring by inserting the PDA into its case top first so that the joystick is at the wider end of the pocket.

We believe in the long term value of Apple hardware. He’s been covering games online for more than 10 years, and he’s a lover of zife My Biggest Tech Regret: I bought my Palm Zire 71 new.