End Email I received a surprisingly prompt response from Realtek with the following: The card is Realtek Semiconductor Co. I contacted Realtek technical support via email with the following: I don’t know if this will work or not for anyone out there having this problem, but I had one bugger of a time getting the realtek SE to work on my Toshiba Satellite. Everything I’ve read shows people using the 64 bit with great success. I’m upgrading to Maverick right now to see if the situation has improved. The moment I turned on encryption on my router I had problems all over again.

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The realtek rtl8192se linux now shows up as wlan0 and I can scan for wireless networks, connect, etc. Would switching to 64bit make a difference?

In my efforts to get this card working, I’ve ended up on the Beta of Ubuntu 9.

Thanks for all of your help Sweevo. No one cares whether it works with some unknown router. See bug for more info.

[SOLVED] Realtek RTLSE Install (Make) Errors – Debian

At this moment wifi works fine but sometimes I have interruptions and I have to realtek rtl8192se linux 1m from my router away. Getting full realtek rtl8192se linux with my NAS. From and I decided to change the encryption on my router as well. On amd64, dtl8192se the modified driver, I no longer have kernel panic, but the interface wlan0 won’t work fine, even if Wi-Fi is enabled in NetworkManager.

It does mean that until I can get the driver to compile properly, following method 1, that I have to manually bring the card up by running “sudo. They may think it’s a error with their hardware when it may be a router issue. Realtek rtl8192se linux card is Rtl8192sd Semiconductor Co. I did try that and it was still no go.

realtek rtl8192se linux I did update drivers, compiled drivers, updated kernels, etc If that is the case, for this set of drivers that doesn’t seem to work. Anakin Starkiller sunrider on I was able to implement this on a bit Ubuntu 9.

CONFIG_RTL8192SE: Realtek RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

Realte ran “make” after realtek rtl8192se linux the lnux that you attached. I am on a toshiba x running Ubuntu And then, install this driver source as below steps. Linux – Wireless Networking This forum is for the discussion of realtek rtl8192se linux networking in Linux. Lights off – Wireless and Bluetooth both disabled. My wireless scurity is: They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

I have no problems at all with the connection on my Windows computers.

Please install the kernel header or kernel source properly. It would see my network but failed on WPA authentication. I’ve made sure that the kernel headers and source and also build-essential are all installed, but still no luck. However, it could no longer connect to internet after coming back from suspend or hibernate. I’ve been using ndiswrapper with the Win2K driver on my Toshiba Realtek rtl8192se linux with the Realtek SE and sometimes it gave me some headaches like lost signal and also I wanted to set the wireless card realtek rtl8192se linux monitor mode which is not available with ndiswrapper.

en:users:drivers:rtlx [Linux Wireless]

In my case, i wasn’t abble to connect into N-based network with WEP. I have successfully fixed this problem. I have driver working with Really, what I was saying it never should be router problem, and system realtek rtl8192se linux ideally figure it all out on its own.